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Kuzina Mykonos

“Kuzina” means fragrances, flavors, joy!

We welcome you to the “Kuzina” Ornos beach restaurant, our own “home” with all the flavors that we prepare every day for you, using the most carefully chosen ingredients. In our Kuzina, the hosts are our chefs and all of us that we love to serve you, for more  than 10 years.

Kuzina mykonos, an ornos beach restaurant. A group of four friends enjoying a meal on the beach.
Woman in white full body swimsuit, with sunglasses and man with shirt both drinking wine on the beach

at Ornos Beach Mykonos

The Chefs John Vidalis & Stratos Chronakis, choose every day the finest products to prepare dishes from our country and other places of the world.

But “Kuzina” it is not only its flavors.

“Kuzina” is its people, who always wait for you with a smile. It is the magnificent view of the sea, the evening summer breeze, the bright light and the blue color of our sea in Ornos bay that fill our minds and souls.

So, welcome to our “Kuzina”, you Ornos beach restaurant and enjoy the best of what we have, the bright light, the sea, our smile and our flavors!

Our Menu

The Greek cuisine meets the Asian and confuses sweets by surprise our palate and raising summer mood. Flavors of Greek and Mediterranean dishes in modern recipes with Executive Chef John Vidalis, combined with a variety of fresh Greek ingedients will take you on a very cosmopolitan culinary journey!

Greek asian fusion cuisine at kuzina mykonos. Octopus and other delicious fried bites.

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Kuzina Mykonos, an Ornos beach restaurant

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Kuzina Seaside

Dive into the unique waters of magnificent Ornos Beach with white sand, comfortable sun loungers & provide a luxurious seaside experience.

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